Agile Saturday VI

Deep bow to enthusiasts at Agile Estonia who are organizing these events. I think that for me the main value of Agile Saturday has always been that it gives you quite good picture of current state of software development in Estonia.

This was the 2nd time for me to speak at Agile Saturday and 3rd time to visit it. One of the positive undercurrents I have noticed is that more and more people want to look beyond the basic guidelines of some process/methodology/framework. That does not mean that basic rules/patterns are not important. It is important to first master the technique before going about synthesising it into something new (as per the Shu-Ha-Ri). For western people like myself it is often very hard to understand that journey is more important that the goal itself. We often think that being an apprentice or journeyman is something lesser than being a craftsman.

It is totally OK to start with something like Scrum and then go on from there. It is well as long as it is not about perfecting Scrum but perfecting the solutions that you offer to customer.


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